About Us

What do you know about S3 Group?

We are a brand new enzyme drink that using advanced fermentation technology and stringent production process to produce purest enzymes, as such, it brings health benefits including aiding digestion, boosting immunity, improving skin health, alkalizing body and many more to our body.

Here comes the brand new enzyme distributor in Singapore: S3 Group

Want to know more about us?

We are launching our own produced enzyme drink to you! We strictly supervise and monitor every stage of making enzyme, from raw material control to production control, to keep our product in top quality always and to provide you with the purest and healthiest enzymes.

Make us your choice for a healthier life.

Now you can place your order through WhatsApp. Just send us your orders on 87585353 or 91093085.

Enzymes are known to perform 3Rs in our body:

☝?Rejuvenate skin cells naturally

✌?Restore energy physically

??Revitalize organs and brain function effectively

Therefore, daily consumption of enzymes is safe and beneficial to us.

Halal Cert